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I recently wrote a short article focusing on the need for iron and calcium that young teens need when they are pregnant. The thought came to me while I was researching about pregnancy nutrition–“If a young teenage girl is still growing and developing herself, what does that do to her nutritional needs when she becomes pregnant?” What I found was that most of her needs stayed the same (RDA wise), except for one area–iron. It was very interesting to see just how the need for iron, in a girl as young as 14 years old,  jumps to equal that of a fully developed pregnant woman!  This goes to show how important iron is needed for mother and baby.

But that’s not to take away from the importance of other essential vitamins and minerals. Pregnancy can do a number on the nutritional condition of women at any age and a healthy diet will not only help her maintain good health during pregnancy, but will also help her to recover much more quickly after giving birth. This is especially important for girls who are still growing and developing themselves.

While we’re on the issue of teen pregnancy, my husband and I have discussed the issue of whether or not we would encourage our daughter to keep the baby or give it up for adoption (abortion is completely out of the relm of discussion in our view) and we are somewhat divided. If she is not in a situation to give the baby a good healthy life, both physically and emotionally, his view is to encourage her to give the baby away for adoption. I disagree. I feel it would then fall on us as a minor’s parents to be responsible for raising the child until the mother is in a position to take over what was her responsibility in the first place. Plus, I do know my views are based on selfish needs as well, because I can not imagine having a grandchild who I do not know or have a relationship with. That knowledge would just eat away at me. I would never get over it. I wonder what views other parents hold on this topic, so please feel free to respond.

On another personal note, teen pregnancy is an issue that I, as a mother, feel very concerned with. So far, we have three kids who are out of high school and the two oldest, who are now parents, did wait until they were out of high school before becoming parents. YAY! Three down, three to go! I never actively worried about it on any ongoing basis, (as I do other things) but every once in a while I would think about it and even though we have good kids, I’m not naive enough to think that they could not make a mistake that would put them in this situation. I think we may have put enough fear of God, no parents, into them so that they will consider their actions before making a mistake. But high school won’t be over for another 9 months (ironically enough) for the next two so, we continue to hold our breath, but only slightly.

Teen Pregnancy: Dietary Needs for Developing Mom and Baby
Teen expectant mothers should know the importance of daily iron and calcium requirements.

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